Janet summer of 99 when she stayed in Branson to work while sisters were on vacation...because John had to stay and work
at Dino's Easter Spectacular in Branson


November 14, 2002 with Linda C in Branson
Branson - November 14, 2002

Promotional Photo 
approximately 1994
GAIL and the Lennon Brothers
 Bill,wife Gail, Joe & Dan Lennon
Lennon's doing their beach number
taken in Branson, MO by Diane M
in 1995
Kathy, Janet, Kristen, Mimi
Performing at DINO's Easter Spectacular in Branson, MO
Peggy's last baby and her last show
 in Branson, MO December 19, 1998

Kathy, Janet and Mimi
Kathy, Janet and Mimi

John and Janet
25th Anniversary
Peggy's Last Show December 19, 1998

Kristen and Janet Performing 
Side By Side/AllThat Jazz
 Cabaret costumes are from a previous show

Janet and Kathy
at Dino's Easter Spectacular 
Kathy, Kristen, Janet, Jenny Cathcart, Peggy, Betsy Cathcart, Dianne - Branson, MO - 1998


Sister Annie performs with the group in Branson
Another number with Annie 
when she was in Branson

Taken from the cover of their original book
approximately 1984-85
Promotional Photo sold in the Branson Gift 
Shop starting in 1995 and is the picture on the front cover of their autobiography, 
"Same Song, Separate Voices".

The Cathcart Brothers

Lennon Family Reunion