Gail Farrell and husband Ron Anderson
Christmas in Escondido 2002
De and Mary Lou
Christmas in Escondido 2002



Larry King Show 2003
Bobby, Janet, Larry King, Ralna, 
Larry III, Larry Jr and Susie Dowdy of OETA
A Vintage Screen Capture of Anacani 
giving Lawrence something to think about...





Tracy G, Tanya, Ron W, Dick
at the Steve Cooper Dance in Chicago - 2000
Tracy gets a smooch from Tanya..
He hasn't washed his face since ;-)
Chicago - September 2000



Tanya was a big hit at the Steve Cooper Dance
Ron Wood at Steve Cooper Dance Program in Chicago - Septemeber 2000


Tanya holds grandson, Phillip Lawrence Welk
Tim Padilla



Tim and Mimi clowning at the Lennon Family Reunion
    Tim and Mimi