Recorded 1982, aired 1984

"Everything’s Coming Up Roses"

orchestra intro. Joe, Jack, Sherry, Anacani, Michael, Ron, Kathie, Roger, David, Ava, Mary Lou, Bobby, Sheila, Arthur, Elaine, Ken, Jimmy


orchestra featuring Bob Havens on trombone

"You Needed Me"

Guy Hovis & Ralna English

"On the Road Again"

Sheila and Sherry Aldridge & Roger and David Otwell


Johnny Zell on trumpet

"New York,New York"

Ken Delo

"Tico Tico"

Myron Floren on accordion

"After You’ve Gone"

Jack Imel on marimba


danced by Bobby Burgess, Elaine Niverson & Bob Ralston with Sheila, Michael, Mary Lou, Jack

"The 1812 Overture"


"In the Mood"

Gail Farrell, Ron Anderson & Michael Redman

"I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles"

orchestra, Lawrence Welk dancing with Mary Lou Metzger

"The Beer Barrel Polka"

Myron Floren on accordion with dancers Bobby Burgess & Elaine Niverson

"Medley of songs from “The Music Man”:


      "Seventy-Six Trombones"



    danced by Bobby Burgess & Elaine Niverson

      "Till There Was You"

    Joe Feeney

      "Trouble" - Jack Imel & whole cast


      "Seventy-Six Trombones"

    Jack, Mary Lou, Ron, Gail, Michael, Kathie, Jimmy, Sheila, Joe, Ken, Elaine, Bobby, Otwells, Anacani, Arthur, Sherry

"I Got Rhythm"

sung and danced by Jack Imel & Mary Lou Metzger

"Ol’Man River"

Dick Dale

"Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue"

Ava Barber

"Queen of Hearts"

Ava Barber with Sheila & Sherry Aldridge

"St. Louis Woman"

Henry Cuesta on clarinet

"Back Home Again inIndiana"

Bob Havens on trombone, Johnny Zell on trumpet, Henry Cuesta on clarinet

"Make the World Go Away"

Jimmy Roberts with Sheila, Sherry, Anacani, Gail, Kathie


Kathie Sullivan

"Bill"(comedy version)

Kathie Sullivan

"Night and Day"

danced by Bobby Burgess & Elaine Niverson




danced by Arthur Duncan


danced by Bobby Burgess, Arthur Duncan and Jack Imel

The South Rampart Street Parade"

orchestra featuring Charlie Parlato on trumpet, Bob Smale at the piano, Bob Havens on trombone, danced by Bobby, Elaine, Anacani, Ken, Kathie, Michael, Mary Lou, Jack